Piers is a photographer and retoucher based in Los Angeles.

After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography, he left his hometown in Indiana and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a visual storyteller. What followed was years of fetching coffee, making copies and stroking egos in Hollywood. Feeling overworked and creatively unfulfilled, he decided to change directions.

Piers started his professional photography career as an in-house photographer for an advertising agency. During this time, he shot and retouched images for international brands like Nestle and Red Bull. It was here that he honed his skills in studio lighting and professional retouching.

Since then, his passion for storytelling led him to fashion photography. His background in cinema has a heavy influence of his style of photography -- each image tells a story, like a slide from a film. He has worked with such iconic brands as Playboy and Dior.

Piers provides photography services to clothing designers, brands, magazines and modeling agencies.


Email: piers.boz@gmail.com